New album out now!

"AGAIN" - now on Spotify and iTunes!


Now the new album “AGAIN” is published online.

You’ll find it on; Spotify, GooglePlay, iTunes, Deezer, amazonmusic, Rhapsody, emusic, rdio, MixRadio, 7digital, simfy, Tidal and 24-7

Now the CD's are here... next stop Vinyl. Got no date yet though.

It’s been a lot of work and great fun, so thanks everyone!

Musicians: Joyce Hurley – Rickard Olson – Lars Örtegren
Jake Svensson – Daniel Andersson – Jari Achrenius
Mastering: Björn Engelmann


For the CD's and Vinyls it'll take a little longer, but I'll keep you posted.

BTW. Go to the page Songs to play them from here...

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